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Mastering Red Hat Linux 7

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 3.2

Customer Rating: 3
Summary: Some words about the book Level
Comment: The book is comprehensive and very helpful for people with
little experience in Unix in general. However, the word
"Mastering" in the title does not definitely meet the
expectations of an average administrator, who buying this
book would expect himself to become a Linux Guru. Finally,
this is my advice to the new readers of the book:
Unless you have the luxury to have a computer just for playing,
don't even think about to upgrade your kernel from source
code following the directions of this book.

Customer Rating: 1
Summary: Very Poor for the Mastering Series
Comment: There are NO clear, step by step instructions like in most of the "Mastering" series. I'm on my 12th forced reboot in trying to follow what instructions (not sure what these sentences are) that are provided. From this book, it is impossible to intall Linux Red Hat. I will have to purchase the software and instructions direct from Red Hat if I wish to get this far. I have purchased 5-7 books from Sybex, but I will never purchase another book authored by Mr. Danesh or Mr. Jang.

Customer Rating: 3
Summary: I'm a Linux newbie
Comment: Being a Linux newbie, I give a 3 Stars. The books covers a lot of topics, but very thin. It does have a good coverage on installation and configuration. Coming from a Windows background, this book helps me get started. It is very weak on most of the server applications, like Samba, Apache, Database... I'm more interested in Linux server apps, not desktop apps.

NO BODY BEATS MICROSOFT ON DESKTOP APPS, BOTH IN QUALITY AND QUANTITY! That's just a fact most Linux people can't deny.

Overall it worths the money. The online Docs from Red Hat is just too dry and hard to read.

Good for Newbies, Bad for Gurus...
Good for Desktop, Bad for Server...
Good for Installation, Bad for Administration...

From Linux newbies, use this book for the 1st month or two to get you started. After that, just use the Red Hat Documents and various Linux websites for references. They are free and broad.