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Linux Samba Server Administration (Craig Hunt Linux Library)

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 4.5

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: If you must run SMB ... buy this book!
Comment: Ok, firstly, I am *not* a fan of Microsoft File Sharing (SMB/Samba) as it is usually set up poorly, and quite insecurely. That said...

There are times where one has no choice but to use Windows Networking, and truth-be-told, the Samba implementation of the SMB protocol (Windows Networking) is (in my opinion) faster, less buggy, and more secure than the native Windows version.

Now, as with any network file sharing scheme, the System Admin *must* know how to properly configure & secure the system. That is where this wonderful book comes in.

Within these 600+ pages, Mr. Smith shows he understands his topic like the back of his hand, deftly helping newbie and experienced SA alike with both the basic configurations of file & print sharing, as well as esoterica of the SMB protocol suite.

Another feature about this book that I find exemplary is that the author speaks to *Nix admins about Windows file sharing like *Nix admins, not Windows admins trying to figure out how to share a file with a Unix user. This is very important to keep the number of pages about how to use "cat" "less" "vi" or other common tools to a minimum...

Overall, this is one of the best Samba books I have found, and highly recommend it to anyone deploying Windows file sharing in a mixed environment.

Customer Rating: 3
Summary: Linux Samba Server Administration (Craig Hunt Linux Library)
Comment: Wait for the next book or else go to their website and get the manual.

Customer Rating: 4
Summary: Excellent Book
Comment: This is by far the best book I have read covering Samba. The beauty of this book is that it covers the topic from a Linux Admin's point of view, but explains the Windows networking and client setup -- including how to do logon scripts, etc. It also explains how to set up a Domain Server using Samba. I was dissapointed though is that it hasn't yet been updated to the current version of Samba 2.2. I was really hoping for up-to-date information on Domain Configurations -- however, the information was complete and I have found the book to be very helpful.

There was only one question in the advanced setup that I could think of that this book didn't answer. That was how to deal with a multi-domain set-up and the impact that has on browsing.

I was very pleased that this book even had a section on the protocols and how to integrate or block these messages for use over a VPN or how to keep the bad-guys out with firewaling.

Basically, very complete and explains every thing clearly. I would just appreciate a second edition (even a subscription to this book's editions).