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Linux Sendmail Administration (Craig Hunt Linux Library)

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 4.25

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Linux Sendmail Administration
Comment: Having read another popular sendmail book, made me wonder if I should try again. Sendmail is large complex program and can be very daunting.

Craig Hunt's Linux Sendmail Administration turned out to be quite refreshing. I'm no longer satisfied with just setting up the basic sendmail configuration. His easy to understand, easy to follow style had me tinkering at each step along the way. I was looking for a simple how-to guide to get my home office sendmail up and running. Instead I got much more - a very thorough understanding of how and why sendmail works the way it does.

Craig has a knack for reducing complex concepts into easily understandable lessons. Doing so, the subject matter is covered in depth, not watered down. Even difficult tasks like the m4 macro processor and rewriting rules are introduced in a straight forward useful manner.

An excellent book, I can't wait for my next installment from the Craig Hunt Linux series!

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Good book of sendmail for all unix administrator
Comment: It is a practical book of sendmail and it has a lot of example help you to understand the items of sendmail. You can read it before you read the "bat" book as the "bat" book is more details

Customer Rating: 4
Summary: Good Book- Worth the Money
Comment: This reference does a good job detailing a difficult topic "Sendmail". I liked the background information alot and the author clearly seperates items that are of general interest, specific interest and advanced interest. This book helped me convert a 300 user system from mmdf to sendmail in a weekend. The only recommendation for this book and other Sendmail books I have is a better chapter/explainations on how to stop spam, check your system for spam etc. I had to go online for better spam blocking tricks.

--Matt Lewis