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Linux for Windows Nt/2000 Administrators: The Secret Decoder Ring

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Average Customer Rating: 4.41

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: THIS is DA BOOK for NT peple want to learn Linux FAST
Comment: I am so happy when someone wrote a book about Linux for NT/2000 Administrator, and couldn't be more happier when this person is Mark Minasi-- DA MAN. I have been waiting this book to be out since July.. I got it on Oct 9 and I being reading since then. I read every words, front cover, back cover, Intro.. (I work 10 hrs+ everyday and in 3 days I already on page 87) I'd try to learn linux since beginning of this year, but all the books that I buy about Linux is too hard to understand, It doesn't explain in a NT/2000 term that I understand, so, I finally gave up the ghost, gave up Linux... This book is so easy to understand... It explain everything in NT terms... The book come with a Linux Mandrake CD, and the book does not base on Mandrake, It also talk about other distributions... I know NT/2000 pretty darn well, but I am a newbie on Linux... With this book, I know it can get me up to speed with Linux... THIS is DA BOOK, if you know NT/2000 and TCP/IP and want to learn Linux FAST.

Customer Rating: 3
Summary: Now it is out of dated
Comment: I bought this book three years ago, there was no problem. Now, it is the end of 2003 and people are still writing reviews. I like to write one thing. This book was written when Redhat Linux was 6.x. Now, it is Redhat 9 and Fedora Core 1. I noticed that Mr.Minasi started to write this book during Windows NT era BEFORE Windows 2000 is on the market. Now, Windows 2003 is on the market as you know. You would get a concept,however, each detail would be out of dated.

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Excellent for Win Admins wanting to learn Linux
Comment: This was one of the first books I picked up when I decided to take the plunge into Linux. Being an MCSE and Windows administrator, I drastically improved my understanding of how Linux is similar, and differs from Windows. If you're a Windows guy or gal who wants to make sense of Linux, I highly recommend you pick up this book!