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Linux Complete

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 3.43

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: My favorite linux book
Comment: I really love this book and have owned it since it first came out. True, Linux has become more complex since the book was written, but if youy can understand the things in this book, you can easily be productive in any modern linux. I am glad I bought it. I think everyone should have a copy especially if they are on a dial-up account and cannot get the HOWTO's in an easy manner.

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Techie info that actually seducess the reader!
Comment: When began looking for Linux OS systems information I expected to be bogged down in the same dull witted text-book writing style I was used to reading in college. This book actually seduces the reader with usefull information and online references that pick up where the authors leave off. I have to force myself to put it down. The seemless flow of usefull information that I rarely gleen from technicians would answer questions as I thought them up. This is a bible of answers to the questions technicians I've spoken to try not to answer.

Customer Rating: 4
Summary: Second Edition is good
Comment: This is the only edition I could find here, but my copy has a different cover. The image in the lower right corner on mine has a light blue pattern with a few circles and bubbles. (That's what it looks like to me.) Mine is definitely the second edition.

I do agree with many of the other reviews here. In some ways, this book is very basic, and they reference other Sybex books throughout. Each chapter states what book the information came from. This is almost like a Best Of collection.

For me, the book was very helpful. I'm very expirienced with Windows. Over the years I've also used Apple DOS, ProDOS, MS-DOS, DR DOS, OS/2, and Mac OS. This book had enough information for me to understand Linux better. The writers mainly compare Linux and Windows. Most of the focus is on Red Hat and GNOME. I'm actually using SuSE with the KDE desktop. There's a chapter on installing Red Hat.

I do like the information presented on using the command line. It's basic but enough to be useful. Later chapters discuss more advanced topics like server configurations, using Samba, and setting up Apache. It also covers how things work. ...under the hood. Since I'm not a Linux veteran, I can't really comment on the advanced topics, but I did find the book easy to follow.