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Red Hat Fedora Linux 3 Bible

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 3

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Great book for the latest Linux software
Comment: When software doesn't work in Linux, everyone (who cares to) can see the code, debug the problem, and help get it fixed. A reviewer of this book described how a particular Fedora 2 install failed. Following up on how the problem was fixed illustrates the open source software model at its best.

The bug the reviewer encountered was reported to Red Hat by others at too late to make the final Fedora 2 release. Nearly 200 comments were entered on the bug, allowing a developer at Red Hat to provide a quick fix. (Search there for bug 121819 and see comment 122, if you have the same problem.) After Fedora is installed, the permanent fix is available to be downloaded with a single command (yum update kernel).

Once you get past the installation (as most will without trouble), you'll see that this most recent version of the Red Hat Linux Bible (Fedora 2) reflects the latest features available today for Linux. Red Hat wasn't kidding when it said it wanted to do rapid development of cutting-edge Linux technology. Fedora Core 2 includes:

* The latest Linux 2.6 kernel
* New desktop ( server, KDE, and GNOME)
* ALSA sound system
* New Security Enhanced Linux
* Many other new features

Fedora Core 2 will run faster as a desktop and more securely as a server. If you want an edge learning the latest features slated for Red Hat's enterprise Linux products, this book includes the complete Fedora Core 2 distribution on four CDs and detailed instructions on how to use it as a desktop or server system.

-- Chris Negus
Author, Red Hat Fedora Linux 2 Bible

Customer Rating: 1
Summary: Check motherboard compatibility before you buy!
Comment: I've used Fedora before, and really liked it. I figured I'd order the book and cd set for my home computer. I went to install it, and it hung on the boot image, then rebooted. After playing with every setting in the book, altering settings in my BIOS, I went to the Red Hat support site and found that my motherboard, an ASUS P4P800, is incompatible with the version of the 2.6 kernel included in the distribution.

I will be sticking with my SuSE install a bit longer, I think.