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PHP and MySQL for Dummies, Second Edition

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 3.13

Customer Rating: 4
Summary: It's not ideal but suffice for beginner needs.
Comment: Good points:

1. Trained me into some of the mindset required.
2. Gave me actual instruction on the many basic database input/output tasks. Full marks. I was reading and writing to a database after reading chapter 8, dedicated to this very interest.
3. For the complex subject that PHP is, the author did fairly well at the task of simplifying it but could not fully succeed. I still don't understand some of the foundation PHP understandings.

Bad points:

1. Insufficient explanation of the sample scripts. parts of many scripts were left unexplained. I looked at the scripts in detail. Not everything I saw was explained. But can they be??

2. For slow learners, the book moves too quickly.
3. Doesn't ease me into the state of being (that I perceive) I need to be in for any development challenge - but is that what this book is for?? Once I knew what database site I wanted to make, I continually found myself getting stuck.

In summary, I am pleased I got the book and it has helped me in the task of finding my feet with PHP. However, I now need a more advanced book.

Customer Rating: 1
Summary: More problems with the E-book/Digital Version
Comment: Do NOT order a digital book from Amazon like this one. I was attracted to the possibility of starting my reading immediately. Indeed, the e-products are marketed in this fashion. However, when I purchased this book, I was not taken immediately to a download page (as is the case with most digital downloads offered by other companies)--I was told I had to wait for a confirmation email. However, when that email arrived a good number of minutes later, it contained no link or instructions for downloading. When I used the Internet to find a telephone number (because Amazon lists none on its website) and called, the kind representative indicated that she could not help me because the e-book department was responsible for such matters--not customer service. She would forward my concerns to them for a response. When I asked how long it would take, she said 1-2 business days. Needless to say, I could have had the hard-copy of the book by then.

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: It got me started!
Comment: This is my first foray into PHP and MySQL. As an absolute beginner I spent a lot of time looking at different books and the concept didn't 'click' for me until I read this one. I tried a couple of simple scripts and they worked fine and now I'm ready to incorporate them into a site under construction. I highly recommend it for the beginner.