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Beginning JavaScript Second Edition

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 4.35

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: I cannot rate this highly enough
Comment: As an amateur(just for fun) Visual Basic programmer, I have little experience with C++ and Javascript(which are similar in syntax). I am decent enough with HTML, but was looking for the ability to do more. I AM SO GLAD I GOT THIS BOOK! I am now writing .asp pages right and left, I am accessing databases through the web, getting data from user forms using server side scripts. I am overwhelmed at how much my knowledge has increased in just two weeks with this book. I haven't even studied it really, I just look up the chapter that has what I want to do and there are examples at my fingertips. I am sure I will learn much more before I put this thing down. If you want to go the next level in your web design abilites, you cannot go wrong with this book.

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Nice job!
Comment: I've tried several tutorials on Javascript, and Wilton's is by far the best. If you know a little HTML, you can learn Javascript. If you know a LOT of HTML, his instructions directed at the new web designer are easy to skip over. Wilton very quickly moves the student into actual production of working Javascript pages, and weaves explanations throughout the examples so smoothly you don't realize how much you've learned until you look at your work. The real-world examples, which include online quizzes and a script for checking the browser version, are also highly motivating (versus books that push novices through endless versions of "hello world"). About the only thing I would add in a future edition is a troubleshooting chapter (the first example, of all things, wouldn't load for me initially, and I'm still not sure how I fixed it), and my only quibble is that the first time Javascript code is cited, the reader isn't immediately directed to Appendix C for a brief discussion of other tags. However, these are very minor critiques of a well-written, well-organized book that makes Javascript attainable--and fun to learn.

Customer Rating: 3
Summary: Book confuses the issues and doesn't get to the syntax
Comment: Instead of defining all the attributes of say "Request.QueryString" into differenct contexts like Javascript and HTML , he muddles around with probably the lamest web application environment around.