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Perl Database Programming

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 3.5

Customer Rating: 3
Summary: Perl and MySQL database ... best for title.
Comment: This book will be called Perl and MySQL database programming, the book comment say that this include access to many databases, including Oracle and PostgreSQL, when you read this, you can see that the only database that Brent use is MySQL. MySQL is good database but not the best, I prefer PostgreSQL over MySQL, and my book is now archived.


Customer Rating: 1
Summary: Shame it wasn't proof read...
Comment: I bought this book simply because it had a section on Session Management, so I went straight to that section (chapter 9). When I tried to get the code working, it became obvious that there was something missing, notably an HTML template. No problem I thought - there's probably an addendum on-line. Unfortunately not - a search led to Michalski's home page with nothing more useful than a statement saying it is his intention to get addenda for all his books up online at some point (but no indication as to when). The publishers, Wiley, have all the files from the book available for download, but unfortunately not the missing template.

Now I realise the pressure to get books into print in this fast moving field must be intense, but if your willing to let errors slip through then you must take your after sales service very seriously, and get an online addendum up and running when that book hits the shelves. This book has been available for over a year now, come on!

I did email Michalski direct 2 weeks ago but so far no response. I expect my email was lost in a torrent of spam.

I will persevere and try to work out what the missing html should look like - I guess it could be worse - it could have been the Perl code that was missing - but quite frankly I haven't got time to fill in gaps left by someone else's lack of professionalism - especially when I'm paying for it!

Thumbs down to support - I'll be avoiding Michalski and Wiley in future.

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: so easy to read with a lot of information
Comment: I really enjoyed reading this book. The whole book is like a big piece of source code with line-by-line explaination. If you are like me, knowing perl but not so familiar with it, sometime perl can be hard to decipher. This book solves this by going though a lot of source codes line by line and explain the details. I wish every book on perl can be written this way.