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Red Hat Linux 7.3 Bible

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 3.33

Customer Rating: 4
Summary: Best Linux Book Yet
Comment: As Linux keeps getting better and better, so does the books that cover it. The Red Hat Linux Bible 7.3 has so far helped setup my system as router with ip forwarding, and demand dialing. Next I will work on setting up a proxy services for the rest of my LAN. A little more space could be spent on hand editing various scripts, as well as, on what the utilities are doing the config scripts for educational purposes. It is so far very clear cut and straight to the point. Thanks Chris Negus.

(Now there needs to be a book like this on the new Debian 3.0)

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: A book that fits its title
Comment: This book, unlike many of its kind, includes an in-depth look at the KDE Destop manager, tetex publishing and a lot of instructions on how to maintain your Red Hat system. Most books on Red Hat 6.x-7.x just help you with the installation and then leave you there. This book assumes that you wish to use your computer in a productive way and gives you the tools to do it. There is, however, no discussion of the Red Hat version of gnoRPM which is a very helpful guide to installing and ugrading any of the packages available to RedHat. Negus is mostly concerned with the nuts-and-bolts of command line interaction with the system. This is good if you really want to learn as you go. The size of the book makes it very heavy, but it is worth every penny and will probably become one of your best Red Hat books for years to come.
I am very glad to have and will use it as my main reference. Negusb is a great author.

Customer Rating: 4
Summary: An average red hat book
Comment: Overall, i am happy with this reference book. It have guided me through many networking in Red Hat. Unfortunately, the author did not take a further step in explaining many important configuration in networking. Many times i have been left limboing and figure things out myself. It does gave a good start and I am still using this book even in my Red Hat 9 now.