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JavaScript Examples Bible: The Essential Companion to JavaScript Bible

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Average Customer Rating: 5

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Learning by example - the ones already written that is.
Comment: Working with JavaScript is certainly becoming more and more a part of the web pages I am involved with, from wanting a clock to form validation to buttons. There is so many things and uses for JavaScript that the list seems endless.

What I found most helpful about this book was not only was the cd filled with over 300 pre-written scripts, but that the book also has coding examples for you to follow and learn from. For me learning JavaScript is a challenge and using the examples in this book has certainly it easier to produce quality JavaScripts.

Overall an excellent add-on the already highly successful JavaScript Bible, as you'll see when you look at the chapter headings. For example Chapter 1 in this book refers to chapter 15 in the JavaScript Bible.