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Red Hat Linux 7.1 Bible

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 3.27

Customer Rating: 3
Summary: Huge book!
Comment: Good book specially if you are totally new to Linux, like me. It doesn't have a lot of command line examples though -- then again this is not a reference book -- I'd also like to see more screenshots. In many instances, the author refers to Redhat Linux 7.1 as "OpenLinux", which is another comapany's (Caldera) Linux distribution. Many of the procedures on the book don't work at all when you run them on RH 7.1.

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: I have Redhat Linux 7.2 Bible
Comment: HI
I have Redhat Linux 7.2 Bible
I have buy 5 Copies of this Book.The Book is perfect
But the 3 rd CD containing the Help is not working at all of all 5 CDs
so anybody Help me

Customer Rating: 3
Summary: The CD's are great, but the book, well........
Comment: I am a beginner to the world of UNIX and Linux, so I decided to buy a book on Red Hat w/ the required software since I had heard so much about this particular distribution. The first two chapters of the book are great, especially in the amount of detail the author provides for installing Red Hat. However, the book goes down hill from there. I feel that it does not sufficiently cover significant parts of the GNOME and KDE Desktop environments and I find my self thinking "Huh?", many times throughout the chapters that follow. Like I said in the title though, the CDs have got some great stuff on them. The book is worth buying just becuase of the Red Hat software on them. If you bought the equivalent software in the store, it would be a little spendy. So basically, buy the book for the instructions on installation and the actual OS, but then toss the book and go find something of better quality.