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The SuSE Linux Server (With CD-ROMs)

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 2.5

Customer Rating: 1
Comment: Like several people before me said, it has typos and unreadable screenshots. But that's not the worst. Sure, you get some CDs with the book but don't think they are a distribution. They are an incomplete, butchered distribution for which the installation software was NOT modified and getting anything done - like installing - with this big piece of *&#$ is next to impossible. Maybe a Linux 'expert' could piece it back together but not a newbie or somebody learning. They call it an 'evaluation version' but it doesn't give you a chance to evaluate it.

The only way this book might be of use is if: a) you ALREADY have SuSE, and b) it has particular info you want. Since it commonly seems to take you to the edge of complete info and not get you there I would say there are probably better books to be had. Stay away from this junk.

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: I loved it...
Comment: SuSE is my distribution of choice and although I have more Linux books than I need, I took a peek at this one and decided I had to buy it. I think the book is set up very well, is easy to read and comes closer than other books I've read to being written in "English" rather than "Engineer". It isn't terribly SuSE specific (which I think is a good thing) but it does cover a good range of topics from installation to configuration including SuSE specific tidbits here and there.

I read the other reviews here and was puzzled by them... I am a terible speller which may explain why I didn't notice the typos in the book. Your milage may vary...

Customer Rating: 1
Summary: Where were the proof readers?
Comment: This is without a doubt the worst book I have ever read. The screen captures are virtually unreadable, and the book is full of errors. Typos, technical errors, references to the wrong figures, references to lines in examples that were not there, etc. The errors became such a distraction that I ceased really being able to focus on the technical material in the book - such that it is. Syntax examples are in the wrong case, fonts are not used consistently to call out commands, programs, etc. Stupid stuff like periods missing from IP addresses, etc. that any proof reader should have caught. I quit reading it around page 214, and threw it away. I emailed the publisher, and their response after several days was, in so many words, "thank you for taking the time to express your thoughts." My email to SuSE came after only a few hours and was far more personal. Don't waste your money on this book. I'm really sorry that I did. And I'll be very very careful before I buy another book by this publisher. (I guess O'Reilly has spoiled me!)