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Linux for Dummies, Fifth Edition

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 2.46

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: From the author: About the 5th Edition
Comment: Linux for Dummies has followed a long and rocky road. The first two editions were done by one group, then the last 3 (including this) by another after completely rewriting it from scratch--and unfortunately Amazon refuses to detach the old reviews that have nothing to do with this version of the book. It's gone from trying to cover everything (impossible to do well!) to trying to focus on the desktop.

Don't expect Linux for Dummies 5th Edition to tell you how to set up a server! This book is exclusively for those who want to master the desktop and simple system administration (like user account creation) tasks. Fedora Core 1 is a powerful new desktop offering and I think you'll find that it's an exciting evolution in desktop Linux. A new chapter focusing on multimedia galore will especially knock your socks off!

Thanks for reading!

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: This is a new edition - ignore the bad reviews!
Comment: I recently "upgraded" and bought the newer edition of this book, since the previous editions are horribly outdated. And I'm surprised that Amazon is including on this page the reviews for those older editions, because they don't even apply to this edition! Ms. LeBlanc (any relation to Matthew?) has outdone herself (and has especially outdone the other authors who wrote the earlier editions) and has written a highly useful book that anyone interested in Linux should own.

Customer Rating: 1
Summary: Five pounds into two pound bag
Comment: /
I never got farther than the second chapter.
My system looks at the CDROM drive first when booting up, however for some reason I was unable to boot from the CD no matter what I tried.
If unable to boot with the CD, you might have noticed that the boot.img that you need to put on a 1.44MB floppy is 1.74MB.
I wonder how the authors did it.
My point is that if you can't load the OS, the rest of the book is worthless.

I've noticed that the authors have written a 4th and 5th edition. I wonder if they give a clue to the floppy trick.