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Red Hat Linux 9 for Dummies

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Availability: Usually ships in 3 to 5 weeks
List Price: $39.21
Our Price: $25.88
You Save: $13.33 (34%)

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 3.2

Customer Rating: 2
Comment: I spent alot of time trying to get the included disks to install on various computers, but none of them would boot off the included CD. I finally went to the Dummies website, and found that the CDs are MISLABELED - Disk one is actually disk 2, and disk 2 is actually disk 1. To install, you therefore need to place the second CD in the drive first and boot off that DVD. It would be nice if Amazon would place that info near the top of the listing so customers would know when ordering.

Customer Rating: 3
Summary: Spend an extra $10 and buy a more detailed book
Comment: The two reasons I bought this book, it is the cheapest way to buy linux from a store, so I didn't have to waste 3 days downloading, and I am a linux newbie. Like others have said, the book is good for calming any jitters you have installing linux, but once linux is setup and you establish an internet connection, the book is no longer useful.

My suggestion is simply spend a little more, you will get the same detailed instructions for installing, it will most likely come with redhat 9, and you will have something to refer to whenever you need help. I still feel it was a good buy, but there is just no reason I would ever again need to refer to it.

Customer Rating: 2
Summary: Good for installing but nothing else
Comment: This is a good guide if you are planning to install Linux. However, the version of Linux that comes on CD (RedHat 9.0) is SOOO!! easy to install this book proves to be a waste of money.

During installation RedHat 9 asks you what you would like to install and it even tell you what the packages come with. My 60 year old mother was able to install it without this book or any help at all. (And she can't even use Windows that well)

I wouldn't suggest buying this book unless you need the computer so watered down for you that it becomes a trouble just to find the "any" key (in this case you probably shouldn't be installing Linux anyway)