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Red Hat Linux 7.2 Bible Unlimited Edition (With CD-ROM)

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 4.29

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Exhaustive coverage of a fine OS
Comment: Okay, three things you'll need before your first Linux install:
-12-pack of Dr. Pepper
-Carton of cigarettes (if you don't smoke now, you will start!)

Okay, so that was my impression as I picked this book up and decided to install RedHat 7.2 on a surplus system from my college. However, I found the software to be quick and easy to set up, and the book very carefully walked me through any areas that might be a little grey. Negus writes in a careful but free manner: for us people without a Penguin tattoo, he's not speaking above our heads and he's not dumbing anything down. I have found similar books in the past that were very obtuse, almost like the authors had to prove how intelligent they were. Negus, however, walks us through the simplest parts of the install and use, while later chapters are dedicated to things like setting up different types of servers and running MySQL databases, ensuring that your investment in the Red Hat Linux 7.2 Bible will last far beyond an hour's worth of installation. Highly recommended!

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: It is a gem of a bible
Comment: Linux has come of age. Red Hat 7.2 is the version that brings it to the masses. In 2000, I was strugling on loading Linux to my Notebook - most of the drivers were not recognized. There many agonizing days before it started to work - without modem support. And linux literature was disparate and difficult to come by.

Red Hat Version 7.2 makes things almost as easy as a Microsoft OS to newbies. And the book goes through the steps in extremely digestable formats. Red Hat support does not come along with the CDs - but this is not really necessary. The book covers the topics very well. And if you need to troubleshoot on areas not covered by the book, there are a wealth of info through google and deja.

Best wishes on your migration to Linux. It is a fun OS to use and the migration path is now, almost, painless.

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: The Best Book Out There For Red Hat 7.2
Comment: The book covers everything I could possibly want to know. I had never used linux before this book. The college I attend dosen't teach any classes that deal with linux. But any person in the computer field can tell that linux is becoming a contendor and knowlege of this Operating System is a must. When you open the book it looks a little dry not much for pictures or anything like that it is strictly read it do it. I am using linux as a second operating system on my computer but if you want to take advantage of the operating systems server capablities and experiment with them you need a computer ready to run linux and linux alone. Also how many books out there about operating systems give you the operating system free well this one does.