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JavaScript Bible, 4th Edition

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 3.48

Customer Rating: 2
Summary: Not worth the time
Comment: I have two major problems with this book:
1) The author has a very wordy, labored writing style. In contrast to some of the other reviewers, I found his descriptions of at least many of the examples quite long and thorough, but still not really clear. I think this must be what JavaScript for Dummies must read like. He spends vast amounts of words covering the obvious things and then neglects the interesting and less obvious stuff. I would suggest this book if you like the easiest things really really spelled out.

2) Despite having a copywrite in 2001, I am pretty sure the original version was first written around 1995. It is a bit disconcerting when he acts like you must be really on top of things if you have an operating system more recent then Windows 3.1. The Windows 3.1 htm suffixes are also a bit disconcerting.
But more to the point, he spends an awful lot of time warning you that certain features aren't available until NN2 or IE2, and what to do to accomodate older browsers. Does anyone still write web pages accommodating NN1? The book needs a major rewrite to bring it up to date, not just piling new stuff on top of the old text.

Laboring through the tedious descriptions and antiquated techniques is not worth most peoples time.

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Helpful for beginner
Comment: As a non-programmer (graphic designer), I am finding this book helpful. The author does a good job not assuming too much except familiarity with html. He uses real-life comparisons to make concepts understandable. The writing style is friendly and very thorough. I was struggling to learn Javascript from Paul Wilton's Beginning Javascript. This book is making things clear that I was stumped on by approaching it very methodically, building on the simplest examples. I have also ordered 'Official Netscape Javascript 1.2 Book' by Kent which I heard was beginner-friendly. I find programmers have a hard time relating to us non-programmers! Goodman seems to have a grasp of how to present these basics to the 'rest of us'.

Customer Rating: 4
Summary: good
Comment: This book is great,coves probably everything there is to cover in javascript but...........if you have never doen anything like this before you should start out with something more siple first,although the book claims new people to web programming, the new people will have a hard time with it.