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Javascript Bible, 2nd Edition

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 4.07

Customer Rating: 4
Summary: excellent learn for exp prog. subpar index, a couple errors
Comment: This book is an excellent learning book for experienced programmers. However it's index is not as complete as needed for a reference volumne. The summary at the end is comprehensive, but not detailed enough to be really useful. The online reference is more useful. It contains a couple minor errors in advanced areas that won't become apparent until you've used javascript for some time

Customer Rating: 2
Summary: 2nd Rate and way behind the power curve!
Comment: Goodmans JavaScript Bible covers JavaScript for Netscape Navigator 3 and JavaScript 1.1 barely, just barely. Mostly the book is written for Navigator 2 and JavaScript 1.0. Unfortunately Navigator 4 and JavaScript 1.2 hit the streets quite some time ago and the book is showing its age. Further right on the cover of the book, you see the book is supposed to cover LiveConnect. Yeah right and pigs fly don't they? Theres a single chapter on LiveConnect that brushes over the technology and confuses this poor reader more than it helps.

As a JavaScript resource I to say JavaScript Bible fails to make the grade. There are lots of other good JavaScript books out there. 2 right off the top of my head are: Flanagans JavaScript: The Definitive Guide and Staneks Netscape ONE Developer's Guide. At least Flanagans book is honest when it says that it covers Navigator 3.0 beta and JavaScript 1.0. The book also takes the time to point out JavaScript bugs. To truly get to JavaScript 1.2 though you need a copy of Netscape ONE Developers Guide. The book covers both client-side and server-side JavaScript extensively.

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: THe Best Javascript book ever
Comment: This book really helped me in my class
without it i am sure i would not have passed the class