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Danny Goodman's Javascript Handbook

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 4.33

Customer Rating: 4
Summary: Even though the book title does not say, It is for Everybody
Comment: I have programmed in many languages and was looking for a good book so that I can do web based programming.With Danny Goodman's JAVASCRIPT handbook, it was not like reading a book, but was like taking a course where instructors guide you through step by step in school. The Book has been written with a beginner and advanced programmer in mind. The author has taken care to explain everything to a "NOVICE in programming". I would recommend this book to everyone who is interested in getting to WEB BASED programming.

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: The only book you'll need
Comment: After going through multiple Javascript books in multiple stores, it is with great pleasure that I announce this is the only book you will need to learn Javascript. Danny Goodman has simply outdone himself. Although I knew a little javascript before I began reading this book from looking at source code, I needed a book that would give concrete examples that were well indexed. This book is one of the best indexed books I have seen overall, not just for javascript. Oh, and the big factor "TECHNICAL SUPPORT"! Danny always responds to his mail of you have a question that he possibly did not cover in his book. He also has an updates section on his web page to keep you informed of changes in versions

Customer Rating: 3
Summary: Just another JavaScript book that lines the shelf...
Comment: When I first got this book, I read it closely and tried to work through the examples. Although I learned quite a bit, I found that the book was increasingly being used as a drink coaster...I found that the book I used more and more was the Netscape ONE Developer's Guide and just about everyone in the shop that writes scripts concurred (as did someone who commented earlier below).

If you like Goodman's style and a just getting started, I think you will like the JavaScript Bible. To move on to advanced topics and see another (perhaps more useful) approach to JavaScript, move on to the Netscape ONE Developer's Guide. If you know a bit about scripting and Web publishing, I'd skip this one and go straight to the aforementioned book--you'll love it