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MySQL: Your visual blueprint for creating open source databases

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Average Customer Rating: 4

Customer Rating: 4
Summary: Great for quick starts
Comment: This book is great if you're looking to get started quickly with MySQL. I was able to set up and create a database within hours after buying the book, with only minimal prior exposure to MySQL. Plus, it's a great quick reference for some of the standard MySQL commands that you may not need to use on a super-regular basis. The majority of the teaching is done through diagrams and examples, which allows the user to see what's supposed to happen, and have a gauge of how their performing. The text is just over half of the meat of the book, and really just fills in the blank spots that the diagrams leave out. I highly recommend this book for anyone just getting started with MySQL, but it as you get more proficient, you might want to pass it on to another MySQL newbie, as it may just gather dust on your bookshelf.