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Linux for Dummies Quick Reference

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 2.8

Customer Rating: 3
Summary: Not exactly what I was expecting
Comment: I was hoping for a manual that provided more of a quick reference to both the basic wokings and commands of Linux than an intro to the various apps found within that OS, such as emacs, vi and pico. Knowing how to network, send email and FTP is all good, but those are topics that should be explained in greater detail in a regular IDG book, not skimmed over in a quick-guide.

Customer Rating: 4
Summary: Takes the edge off
Comment: I recently bought this for the IS manager that will replace me in weeks to come. I bought it for what it was intended to be. A "Quick Referance". This is not a book that will describe exact procedures, or how to negotiate your way through extedned server calls. It's great for someone with a working knowledge of Linux that finds themself asking "What was that command again?".

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Nice reference!
Comment: It's not that bad, very usefull