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Perl 5 for Dummies

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 4.3

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Perl 5 for Dummies
Comment: Yes! Finally, the lightbulb went on! I'd been puttering along using the "Camel" book, but I just didn't get it. I read the "Dummies" book and now it all makes sense. It takes a clear approach to learning all the syntax. Now I can use the Camel book for reference and it doesn't look like Greek. I can program in Perl! And, most importantly, understand it!

Customer Rating: 4
Summary: Good intro before hitting the O'Reilly books!
Comment: If you don't know anything about programming, this book will give you a good intro before heading to the O'Reilly books (the first I'll read after this: Learning Perl, 2nd edition).

This Dummies book gives a good plain-English overview of Perl and general programming concepts. I didn't find the CD to be very useful (I got more recent Perl builds off the web), but it would be handy for someone who doesn't have easy access to the web.

The book doesn't go into much advanced stuff, and it could use some DIY exercises. But it's a good intro, nonetheless.

Customer Rating: 2
Summary: Lets be honest here.
Comment: This book might be a little better if you know something about PERL. Let me explain my situation, I've setup enough scripts to know enough about UNIX so I'm not a complete idiot. I know the insides and out of HTML, and some javascript.

I think this book goes to much into useless commands for a begginer. It starts out with some commands that are utterly useless for a begginer like me. And it starts out by describing 2 scripts and ever part of it, which I don't find useful at all. I would not recommend it to a non-PERL intermediate.