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Html: Css/ Javascript/ Dhtml (I Performance Series)

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Average Customer Rating: 5

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: It was my online course textbook last quarter.
Comment: This was the textbook for an online course I just finished a week ago. I like the book and recommend it for beginner webmasters. You will learn the basics and then work up through Tables, Forms, and Frames.

You are given beginning files which you can download from the web. The book then guides you to modify these files by entering actual html code. You save and view the result on your computer. The book includes lots of screen shots so that you can compare your results to what it should look like.

Since you are working on your computer to edit and view the pages, feedback is immediate. If it doesn't quite match the screenshot, you check your typing and try it again.

All the example exercises are completed with Notepad and your regular browser.

Style Sheets, JavaScript and Dynamic HTML all get a chapter each of about 30 pages. The majority of the book is about html.

There is a quick reference appendix on lots of html elements. If you are looking for a book that you can read and "teach yourself", this is a good one. Remember my course was online and all the instruction I got was the book, itself.

I spent six to eight hours completing the exercises in each of the ten chapters that my course covered to give you an idea of the time you might spend.