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Linux for Embedded and Real-Time Applications

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 3

Customer Rating: 4
Summary: Good Introduction to Embedded Linux
Comment: This book is easy to read, and a good place to *START* for Embedded Linux. The organization of the chapters probably makes more sense once you're done reading it. It contains an excellent introduction to RTOS, multi-tasking, and relevant Linux programming concepts. The book is not intended as a complete guide to Embedded Linux or Real-Time issues, but rather helps the reader get started with an example using inexpensive hardware to drive a real embedded application. Important Embedded Linux concepts are covered including (remote) debugging, kernel modules, device drivers, and the available extensions to Linux for enabling an embedded and soft/firm real-time environment. Linux is not ready for hard real-time applications, but it's on the radar (which is why WindRiver is starting to support Linux based tools). I think this is a good first book for Embedded Linux in order to avoid getting lost in the wealth of other information available. I think I would like to see more/some real-world architectural based examples added to the book/CD. The book is not filled with useless pages of source code listings. If this book were to try and cover all real-time and Embedded Linux concepts and issues, it would be 1000 pages! A good book to start with!

Customer Rating: 2
Summary: No Depth
Comment: I bought this book hoping for an in depth look at using Linux for real-time. The table of contents would lead you to believe that this is the case.

Instead I found that it covered this topic only at a very high level. It might be good for an introduction to this topic, but there is very little depth here. For example, the chapter on Linux and Real-time is only 5 pages long! While the description of configuring BlueCat Linux (seems pretty off-topic to me) is 14 pages.

Unless you're a newbie to this topic, don't bother.