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JavaScript Design

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 4.3

Customer Rating: 4
Summary: Better than most
Comment: I thought that this was a great book and I like Sander's approach to the topic. The last few chapters I enjoyed the most as you learn how to integrate JavaScript with back end code and also Flash, showing how JavaScript integrates with larger projects.

The downside is that I will probably have to read it again to really undestand parts of the book. The pace is kind of odd, one minute it is dragging and the next your head is spinning.

Overall I think this is one of the better books covering JavaScript. I would like to see another one that goes into more depth on ways of integrating backend and front end code.

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Excellent Book
Comment: Excellent book for now-a-days,it covers all kind of language with JavaScript.The book starts with basics of Javascript that is jump start,dealing with data, variables, operators, expressions, functions.And chapter by chapter it deeps into more and more detail, like Javascript OOP and DOM, Frames, Event Handlers, Forms, DHTML, Cookie. And finally it deals with other languages like PHP,ASP,CGI,Perl,XML,Flash and Applet.
Book is nicely organized, easy to read and understand, colorfull code and body, and has lots of examples.
I will sure recommend this book for web master, developer, designer.

Customer Rating: 2
Summary: Overpriced, too thin and lacking in depth
Comment: This is an excellent book for introductory JavaScript...right up to the point where some depth is required (event handling and the DOM). WHile there are many script provided, which virtually all work, they become convoluted and suffer from a lack of clarification and purpose. Often times, the author places something into a script- to show a different way of doing it, which is great- however an explanation is required. As is a much greater explanation of the DOM.

I was disappointed with this book because of the price and the content. No CD means lots of typing!

Altogether a shallow book with admirable traits but not enough execution where it counts: at the business end of things. As for the word 'design' in the title, there is little of that, in the true sence of the word. Next edition??