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Linux Cluster Architecture

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 3.4

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: In-depth contents with real-life examples
Comment: I've been dealing with Linux clustering for a while. I found the basic and difficult concepts are well explained and useful for newbies and more experienced. The book makes you want to read more with interesting, practical sample codes. The author is very knowledgeble and hits a nail right on the head.

Although, some topics seem outdated, the underlying concepts holds through time. You're gonna enjoy tuning and adjusting it to fit your system environment. There is no abusolte solution for every system. As long as you understand what the book explains and many useful examples, you'll never get lost with lastest technologies and be equied with some solutions in mind. The rest is up to you to work on your cluster piece by piece. That's the beaty of clustering.

I love the sections of Distributed Server Process in action, external performance measurement and analysis - estimating and displaying network utilization, inter-process commincation - messaging and more. I think most information in this book could not be found anywhere, even on the web.

Customer Rating: 1
Summary: Disappointing
Comment: Doesn't really tell you anything you don't already know. Seems very outdated also.

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: An author who actually cares!
Comment: This is the first book I have found that actually tells you how to build up your cluster. Yes, it is technical. But it actually talks about everyman-hardware not just the high-end unobtainable. I came at this project from a power-user perspective in the *nix world. I can build up a Novell or MS network in a snap but some of the *nix topics are new to me, like shared memory across the network. When I built up my cluster I ran into a few problems. I contacted the published and within a couple of days Alex wrote back. Together we spent the next 3 weeks emailing back and forth. I would make a change, reinstall the OS, etc. Alex hung in there and helped me get everything running. That was a first for me, an author that actually cares.