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Embedded Linux: Hardware, Software, and Interfacing

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 4

Customer Rating: 3
Summary: Device drivers for embedded linux
Comment: Part I ('Getting Started') is a head start for newbie, but the emphasis is more on setting up a development and
debugging environment for an embedded linux project and not on the process of porting linux for an embedded system.
None of the issues related to the porting of kernel loader or porting of the actual kernel for any of the reference target
boards are addressed.Not enough information for a newbie trying to port linux for a custom board.
After getting past these issues (with help from resources on web) and having a working kernel on the board, Part II ('Interfacing')
of the book is quite useful.

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Most Excellent Introduction and Objective Methodology
Comment: Dr. Hollabaugh has certainly shed useful light on the concept of embedded linux. He intelligently sets the stage and walk you through real steps for deploying a fully embedded linux control and monitoring system. The diagram, table, and code examples will leave you with a very clear understanding of the subject matter (providing you have some background with linux development). Personally, I was totally captivated and found myself extremely happy that I have chosen this book to help thrust foward my own intelligence of embedded linux. This book and website....has become a primary reference for future embedded linux application.

Customer Rating: 4
Summary: Slightly Out of Date but still well worth the purchase
Comment: As of 4/2004, the book relies on a free distribution of Hard Hat linux that is no longer available on Montavista's site (as they charge $25K for a single seat, I guess they felt they were giving too much away ;-) HOWEVER: Hollanaugh has copies of them with all of his scripts on his site, so look for them there. His scripts are also now modified to point to the new locations. Though even this distribution is somewhat out of date, this book does a pretty reasonable job of getting you through it all. I found finding free (useful, current) distributions of embedded linux very hard to find but eventually did.. Check out and for current multiplatform distributions. The denx distribution ELDK appears to have morphed from the original Hard Hat distibution as many of the utilities still exist, I used this and was able to "generally" follow along. It's a more recent distribution and supports more platforms (at least for the PPC). I would definately repurchase this book again..
His site is: