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Pure JavaScript (2nd Edition)

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 4.16

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: The best JavaScript reference for intermediate programmers
Comment: As the title of this book indicates, "Pure Javascript" covers everything about JavaScript in depth even better, from my point of view, than O'Reillys JavaScript: The Definite Guide.

I like the book also because its index indicates all the JavaScript syntaxis. Hence, when someone is programming and forgets the exact word, it is easy to look for it quickly, instead of wasting time browsing through all the book. Another positive aspect, is that the introduction of the book is pretty well organized (Shows you when to use JavaScript, its origin, operators, variables, fuctions, server-side JavaScrit, etc.) and gives you a concise idea of JavaScrpt capabilites.

However, the downside is that the book is not for amateur programmers since some terms are not explained in detail (the book states that it expects people who has experience with C, C++, Java or Pascal)

Overall: It is a MUST HAVE book for a serious JavaScript programmer, it is worth every penny you invest on it. But I'd recommend easier books first if you are a firt time programmer.

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: The best reference available, but not for beginners
Comment: Simply, this book is the best reference you'll find on javascript, it covers every single aspect, including server-side, javascript 1.4 and jscript 5.

But, this book isn't for beginners, it will not teach you how to write and script, it asumes you already know what "