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Linux Hardware Handbook: Selecting, Installing, and Configuring the Right Components for Your Linux System

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Average Customer Rating: 5

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Comprensive and amazingly well written...!
Comment: This book is truly amazing. The author appears to be very knowledgeable but more importantly he is a writer. There are so many poorly-written books about computers, hardware, software et al. that I have become wary of buying, let alone reading... R.W. Smith makes the rather unattractive (at least to me) subject of hardware fascinating: by the time I had finished reading the LHH I found myself fantasizing about building my own PC... If like myself you have found out the hard way that Linux on an i386 means acquiring some knowledge of the nuts & bolts beneath the system and find that with so many components and so many brands to choose from you need something that's both accurate and conceptual this is an absolute MUST...!!! I have ordered RWS's book about networking Linux & hope it's the same vintage.