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Sams Teach Yourself Linux Programming in 24 Hours

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 4.29

Customer Rating: 4
Summary: Perhaps, you need...
Comment: If you new to Linux, perhaps you need other books to check for small some details which are not mentioned by the author. For example, if you want to use "core dump" at beginning of the book, you need to edit the .bashrc file first because by defaut setup it will not "dump" at all. Also, when you reach to hour 5, you should be careful to use tab instead of spaces in the beginning of the lines containing with commands. I can find the answers for all of this in "Running Linux" by Matt Welsh. Good luck!

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: This book should have been called Unix GNU programming in C!
Comment: I have looked for a book like this for quite some time. Every Linux Programming book I have seen so far tries to give me the whole kitchen sink. They cover databases to scripting to GUI. Thats exactly not what I want. I tend not to look at the 24hrs book's as they usually don't cover enough ground. Not this one! Warren Gay has done a superb job of covering the essential programming steps required to do succesful GNU/Unix programming (I used Solaris not Linux). If you are already familier with the C language then this is the road map to doing it right, the unix way. Revision control, makefiles, debugging, forks, pipes and unix permissions to name a few of the subjects are covered in a clear and easly understood method. Granted there are other books that cover C more in depth, then again I already have them. Kudos to you Warren Gay, I can hardly wait for your next one.

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Excellent explanation.
Comment: The author did very good job explaining the very basic ,but yet important linux/unix programming conecept in this book. I definitely recommand this book to anyone who wants to learn linux/unix programing (or novice). Excellent job ! Thanks...