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Sams Teach Yourself Javascript 1.3 in 24 Hours (Teach Yourself in 24 Hours)

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 3.1

Customer Rating: 4
Summary: Easy to follow, thorough, great examples.
Comment: Sam's "Teach Yourself..." series are clear, concise and effective. Michael Moncur's book is of no exception. As a student in an undergraduate Java course, this book was the perfect companion to my college text. In some cases, Java concepts were explained better in Moncur's book than in my course. Regardless of your experience, as long as you know HTML, you'll benefit from this book. You'll learn many of the most popular uses for JavaScript and unlike many of the other beginner's books for computing, you'll learn concepts - so that you can write your own scripts. Too many books poorly explain the topic, and serve no purpose other than to list examples that you can copy. Michael Moncur's book and others in the Sam's series are so effective that you don't even need to be in front of your PC to learn!

Customer Rating: 4
Summary: Very concise, clear and easy to follow...
Comment: You need at least 3 books on any programming language you want to learn - especially if you're a new programmar. Each book will explain things a little bit different and this book gives applicable and relevant examples as well as step by step analysis of each line in many cases. It lacks a lot of the in-depth "how and why's" of more detailed books, but as a newbie you don't need or want the JavaScript "Bible's". You need to learn the fundamentals and that is what this book will teach you. It can be frustrating in that respect as well, in that you'd sometimes like to know more but that's where your other books will come in. Get one of the medium to advanced JavaScript books to explain the details and get this one to learn the basics. Well worth the money...

Customer Rating: 1
Summary: Not many good points.
Comment: Or should i say that there are many bad points.

1. Not a great place for beginers.
2. Not a great place for advanced users (or those with moderate javascript knowledge).

I've had this book, as well as 2 others. This one is on the shelf and the other 2 are open on my desk. That should be enough to tell you something about it.

The whole idea that you'll learn the language in 24 "classes" of 1 hour is dumb. But they have a "line" of books they want to sell, so that's what they need to do.