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Slackware Linux Unleashed

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 3.88

Customer Rating: 2
Summary: its Slack -- not much else to say
Comment: Actually ... this one had a bit of disappointment going into all the gui / motif programming; but that's partially due to the year it was printed ...
but also ... it was written by someone who's proud to be affiliated with SCO ... but times were different when this was written so I won't judge it on that ... but i've also put this one on the back-burner just to due to the way SCO has treated the development community in whole ... so its hard to give any opinion of this

Customer Rating: 4
Summary: Slackware Linux Released: Very Comprehensive
Comment: Slackware Linux Release is a very comprehensive book covering much of the topic. I thought it was an exceptional book! I successfully installed in an older X386 33MHz machine. Initial install isn't exactly automatic but is manageable for one with reasonable computer skills. Book not only covers basics but is also good for intermediate use and as a general UNIX reference. Browsing through other books on the topic, I would strongly recommend this book as well as the Slackware distribution of Linux that comes with it.

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: A very good book I think the best part is it's for everyone
Comment: Slackware is a great os and this book shows you how you will make Slackware run at peak preformance and show to you that the worlds highest price and most baught virus win 9* is such a piece of crap. Buy this book now you will not be sorry you did. Power to the Penguin The_Phreaker