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Internet Programming with VBScript and JavaScript

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 2.4

Customer Rating: 4
Summary: Very good educational book for learners
Comment: Very good educational book for learners. My only complain it does not include sample code CD-ROM; it would most likely catch all the mispelling. But for teaching material its an excellent book to have.

Customer Rating: 1
Summary: Does not rate a STAR
Comment: Very bad examples in this book. Spelling errors, coding errors, you will need to buy other books to figure out what she is trying to teach. She should have read her book before printing it. This book should never have been printed in the first place. Not a good book at all. She provided only part of codes and you have to figure it out yourself. Why do we need her botch attempt at being an author or teacher. SAVE YOUR MONEY on this one.

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Pretty Good Starting Point
Comment: Yes is true, I found some misspellings but overall this book is great for a starter. I had the honor to have her as my web teacher and she really opened my eyes!