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Linux Pocket Guide

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 4.8

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Indispensible reference
Comment: The Linux Pocket Guide will prove to be an indispensible reference for new linux users as well as those with years of experience. This guide covers just about every command you will ever need while using linux, as well as all of the options that each command supports. The fact that it is oriented towards the new Fedora Core releases from Red Hat will also make this guide more valuable to the many new users who are being attracted to linux by this new distribution.

I especially liked the fact that the author exposes the 'internal' commands that are built into the shell, also describes the 'external' commands that are not part of the shell, and let's the user know which ones are which.

Mr. Barrett also includes information as to where the command is stored on disk, the directory and file name, and even which package is used to install the command.

This guide has made administering my systems much easier, and I will keep a copy of this pocket guide right next to my personal linux system at all times.

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Excellent guide for all Linux users
Comment: Anyone who uses Linux will benefit from this handy pocket guide which lists general Linux commands for various tasks, ranging from directory operations, file commands, locating files, doing backups, controlling various processes, to working on the Internet (web browsing, Usenet news, email, and network connections). There are lots of commands listed here. No, this is not a general reference book by any means (and there are lots of Linux reference books around), but it is just the thing when you need to look up a specific command fast. All commands are listed with their syntax and a brief explanation of what they do.

The book discusses in a little detail about Fedora, Red Hat's "free Linux OS." It also goes into some descriptions about running a shell, logins and logouts, filesystems, and home and system directories. Again this book covers the basics and it assumes the readers already have a decent knowledge of Linux. Since Linux does so many things and it's next to impossible to remember every single command, a book like this is handy to have on your desk when you can't remember a specific command.

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Great Linux Guide that is Short and Sweet! Worth the $!
Comment: It's no secret, there's a lot of books about Linux on the market today. Linux is HOT!! But it's also no secret that a lot of publishers have been jumping on the bandwagon churning out Linux books just to get a piece of the action. This Oreilly pocket guide is everything you would expect from an Oreilly book: thorough, succinct, and worth the money.

The book has a great structure, covering the basics and then going into commands. The commands are organized in functional groups. So if you want to do some user administration, just thumb to that section and all the relevant comands are at your fingertips.

There's enough detail about each command that you can actually use it. The author also often tells you how the command is "usually used," which is helpful. There's even some basics sprinkled in about programming and shell syntax. It's awesome that they actually put useful stuff in a pocket guide!

Whether you're an advanced administrator or a beginner, this book is worth the investment. It has enough info to be a quick reference, but it's clearly written enough to be a primer for beginners. ENJOY!!!