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MySQL Pocket Reference

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 4.5

Customer Rating: 4
Summary: Clear and Precise
Comment: This book is handier than I imagined it could be. I knew that I had a copy of MySQL installed on my iBook , and not much more than that. The MySQL Pocket Reference showed me how to start it, insert data into the "test" database, and make inquiries against it in no time at all. It would be difficult to be more clear and helpful than that. The organization may be odd. But, almost every entry has a good discussion followed by helpful examples.

Of course, I do not expect to learn everything I need to know from this little book. But, I am sure that I will be turning to it time and again as I work my way through in depth sources and actual projects.

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Good Reference
Comment: I'm always looking for a good MySQL reference. I find myself looking for the syntax of a particular command. This book comes in handy when looking for a particular MySQL command. For the size of this book, is really packs a ton of information.