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Understanding the LINUX Kernel: From I/O Ports to Process Management

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 4.12

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: simply the best
Comment: This is the linux kernel book thar makes the difference. Although I 've tried some other books on the subject it was "Understanding the Linux kernel" that gave me some answers to my questions. It covers anything (ok, except networking, it is the core kernel book) from booting to other topics with lots of diagrams.

Customer Rating: 4
Summary: A fantastic book for linux kernel fans and hackers
Comment: This book is very nicely written. This book will solve the purpose for beginners as well as for experts. I had the source code for linux, but i couldnt find a way to delve into the finer details and associate it with the architectural details of x86. This book helped me achieve that. This book builds up a required base hardware/software for each topic and then delves into the finer details. I suggest referring the Intel systems programming manuals before/during reading this book.


Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Great explanation of design
Comment: Note that this is not a book about using or setting up Linux; it's about how the kernel was programmed. I read through this book while working on a file system for a graduate course in operating systems. It clearly explains the logic behind many of the structures and algorithms. Reading those entries greatly prepared me for the design portion of my work and made appreciate the beauty of the Linux kernel, which up until reading this book, I had looked at as a toy OS.