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HTML & JavaScript Programming Concepts

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 2.86

Customer Rating: 1
Summary: Terribly short and misleading
Comment: This book was used in my Computer Science class. I'm glad that I already knew HTML prior to this because it teaches you nothing. Online tutorials have way more information than this book. It's very short. Sure, it covers some topics... but it makes you believe that you cover a world's worth of JavaScript in 3 chapters. That barely scratches the surface. The HTML part isn't too bad, but could've been improved.

By the way, one will not learn anything similar to the snippets of code on the cover. They're placed there to make you seem like you're learning a lot.

Customer Rating: 2
Summary: Not too helpful...
Comment: We used this book in a class...good thing I already had experience with HTML!

This book does a basic job teaching HTML. When you're done this, you'll be able to use different fonts and things..tables if you're lucky. As for "advanced" concepts, you won't see them here.

As for JavaScript, forget it. They essentially have you copy a bunch of their code down and see what it does. Not as in depth as javascript needs at all...

Oh, and by the way, if you need to learn how to use Notepad, how to save an HTML file, or other basic things, they go REALLY in depth with that.

Customer Rating: 2
Summary: Don't Buy
Comment: I've been working with this book in order to create a Web Development course for high school students and I have come to really dislike this book. To its credit, it covers most of the basics that people will need to get into HTML and JavaScript. However, the organization is rather poor with the sections being a collection of random material. And much is not explained in enough detail for people to really understand what is going on or what can be done. The material is not up to date either by including some tags that most people would consider deprecated. I also feel that they do not truly understand the purpose of technologies like JavaScript and how to use them. Overall, an introduction to some basic aspects of the technology, but without enough information or understanding of the technology.