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Linux and Windows 2000 Integration Toolkit: A Complete Resource with CDROM

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 4.2

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Ross Brunson is almost JESUS!
Comment: I entered the IT market with little more than a high school diploma. After going through writings from Ross on Windows 2000 I became a MICROSOFT CERTIFIED TRAINER and have been very successful - so much that I too have published a book.

-Dylan Moore

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Found this book very helpful and fun to read
Comment: Unlike the previous reviewer, I found this book a great read, especially the step by step (in plain english) exercises to get such things as DHCP Server, BIND and NIS setup in Linux.

I've used the book already to setup a file server for our satellite office and make it a secondary DNS server to our main one, and installed Samba for file sharing. Works like the author said it would.

Keep it up, and if this author does more books, I'll definitely give them a look.

Customer Rating: 1
Summary: Save Your money
Comment: From the begining the author starts with a self love fest and doesnt even cover any integration details until at least 1/3 through the book. If you are a Windows Admin trying to convince yourself how tough Linux is this book is for you. The author is tied to some old ideas and still uses the LPR as the reason why printing is hard. The author claims to be a Linux guy but comes off sounding like he is in love with everything that MS does. (He takes a few jabs at MS expense, but they are terse at best) Better coverage is given to Windows and Linux integration in general Linux admin book. (the best two I have read in the last year Linux System Administration A Beginners Guide and Linux System Administration A Users Guide.-but either or find another book, but this one is best left in the bookstore)