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Java 2 and JavaScript for C and C++ (Programmers, Revised Edition)

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 3

Customer Rating: 4
Summary: Please ignore my review below
Comment: In the meantime, I've scrutinized the book more thoroughly. I've written the 1st review after comparing moslty the I/O and AWT chapters, the two being the worst of most Java books (and these two chapters are still as worse as they were in the 1998, Java 1.2 edition). As these chapters were similar to the previous edition, I thought the entire book is just a rehash too. However, other chapters are really updated, which I will also write about in the next review to be posted soon.

Werner Zsolt.

Customer Rating: 2
Summary: Mediocre Introduction to Language
Comment: I wanted a book that for an experienced C++ programmer that would not waste time teaching me what a class is, etc. It did that, but unfortunately covers waaaay to much ground to be really practical to learn how to actually write code without additional reference material.

There are long coding examples presented with little explanation, which the reader is expected to spend hours deciphering and then say "voila, that's how it works."

Major concepts lacking. For e.g, nowhere could I find an explanation of when you have to use "throws" in a declaration.

The index is a joke. Try to look up Vector, implements, throws, Set...not there!

Customer Rating: 1
Summary: Overall, very dissapointing and flawed.
Comment: Although slightly thought provoking in its tactics, the main theses were misconstrued. There were many instances of erroneous teaching methods which led to unfavorable results. This book does have its bright sides, mainly pertaining to general layout of the book. The relation of Javascript to C++ makes the book very difficult to comprehend. Overall, as a Javascript programmer, I would not recommend this book to anyone.