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Making Use of JavaScript

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Average Customer Rating: 4

Customer Rating: 2
Summary: Don't Waste Your Money
Comment: If you want documentation on JavaScript go to and get the Guides & References for free. They are well-written and available in both PDF and HTML.

This book, is very poorly written and the index is all but useless. It spends way too much time talking about ancillary technologies and not enough about JavaScript and how to actually use it.

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Not Just for Beginners
Comment: I really liked the task-oriented approach taken by this book. It also helped me determine in which development areas JavaScript can best be utilized. Even for an experienced developer, this book is useful for cutting to the chase and rapidly evaluating the usefulness of the tool for particular needs.

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Get Started Fast
Comment: A great, quick introduction to the basic features of JavaScript. I dabble in Web development, and this was a great book to get me familiar with a key technology. Highly recommended.