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JavaScript Sourcebook: Create Interactive JavaScript Programs for the World Wide Web

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 2.9

Customer Rating: 2
Summary: Outdated and Inconsistant with Few Examples
Comment: First and most important, the book is outdated. The author even expresses this on his web site and recommends the "JavaScript Bible" as an updated alternative to his own book. JavaScript Sourcebook is mostly based on Netscape Navigator 3.0.

Further, I agree with other review comments about inconsistancies and not having loads of JavaScript source code examples that I would expect from a title of "Sourcebook".

One example of being inconsistant, on page 65 the author says "Despite popular belief, Java is not based on either C or C++.", then later on page 71 he states "Java is based on the C++ programming language and deeply embraces object-oriented programming precepts."

Customer Rating: 2
Summary: Buggy examples
Comment: The source code has lots of bugs, and generally uses mediocre software engineering practices.

The provided CD examples (when zipped) would fit on a 1.44 floppy, so don't get your hopes up that there are lots of examples.

Customer Rating: 2
Summary: JavaScript Source(of Madness)book
Comment: This book would have been nice to keep on my bookshelf. But, at the very beginning I could see the inconsistencies of the programming examples. It drove me mad. So, I had to return it.