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MySQL: Visual QuickStart Guide

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 4.2

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Post-purchase support makes the difference
Comment: Another reviewer mentioned "bugs" in this book, i.e., commands in the book that don't work. as I understand it, one of the difficulties with open-source software is that in can be available in a number of different packages from a number of different distributors that all work in slightly different ways. Therefore, if you're not using exactly the same version of MySQL, it's not going to work exactly the same for you. Given this inherent difficulty in writing a guide like this Larry Ullman does an excellent job. As some other reviewers have pointed out, the step-by-step approach of the Visual Quickstart Guides works really well for some people, like me. My first one was Liz Castro's HTML book, which got me hooked.

The best feature of Larry Ullman's book, though, is the fact that he has set up an online support site to accompany it. Larry personally answers questions from readers who have gotten stuck at various points. This is above and beyond the call of duty for most tech-book writers. Unfortunately for Larry, his wish to have more readers who have finished the book help out with the question answering hasn't come true yet, so if you do finish the book, go to the site and help him out!

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Fantastic people!!!
Comment: You really want to do business with these people.Fast,efficient and product was brand new condition. Highly recommended!!!

Customer Rating: 3
Summary: Some codes do not work
Comment: This book is wierd some of the codes do not work and some do.

It is very fraustrating to me as a beginner to run into bugs in the book.