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Advanced Linux Networking

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Average Customer Rating: 4.5

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: The best all-in-one resource on Linux system configuration
Comment: There are many books available covering a wide array of Linux configuration subjects, some of which are more authoritative than others. This one is, in my opinion, the most thorough because it provides the deepest coverage on the widest range of topics. Its content isn't restricted to one particular "brand" of Linux (Debian vs. Red Hat vs. Mandrake), covering the differences in the ways that each of these Linux variants is configured (e.g., directories for System V startup scripts). It isn't limited to the "standard" tools and programs, offering a variety of easier-to-configure alternatives (such as Exim for SMTP, ProFTP for FTP, and thttpd and khttpd for web servers). Add to this the substantial coverage provided on DNS setup, SSH, printer configuration, Samba file sharing, security, and remote administration interfaces, and you have a truly comprehensive resource.

I own quite a few Linux books (including the Red Hat Bible, Linux Server Hacks, and the Linux Security Cookbook, all of which I still highly recommend!). But if I had to choose just one book, it would definitely be this one. In setting up the more complex configuration options on my own Linux server, it has proved invaluable.

Customer Rating: 4
Summary: Lean...
Comment: This book is like having your own linux networking'll tell you where you to seek enlightenment...and even throw plenty of it at you (I found something in the samba configuration section that wasn't in Using Samba! - about adding windows clients to a domain). But ultimately, you have to reason some of this out for yourself. It doesn't go into miniutae on every aspect of networking. And it glossy over much of the basics of Linux system administration (refer Running Linux, O'Rielly, 4th edition or Linux Administration Handbook by Nemeth, Snyder and Hein), but the title does say advenced!

It is well written and easy to follow. It's all command line and file editing stuff (not fancy-schmancy, wimpy- and marginally useful- config tools used here thank you very much!)...and distribution neutral (though specific locations on different distributions for the respective files are given). So if you need to do something it should be here...The arrangement is a chapter for each thing you want to do: go to the it and viola there is typically the answer to be found!

So in all, a good, very helpful book. Starts with Kernel configuration, TCP/IP network configuration (DHCP, PPP, drivers),
other network stacks (poo-poo this...:)), and starting servers: this is part 1; Part 2 is local network servers: DHCP, Kerberos, Samba, NFS, Printer sharing, Time servers, POP, News server, Remote login servers, X, font servers, remote admin and backups.

Next section is Internet servers: DNS, SMTP, web servers, FTP servers. Part 4 is Netowrk security and router functions: system security, chroot jail, router options, iptables, VPN.

Loads of fun and joy for rainy days adn weekends (warning this book can make a weekend disappear!).

Author provides lots of tips and pointers (ha-ha!) within a very readable effort. Should get you moving in the right direction post haste and without too much timewasting...however, be warned this is a book that demands reading...not just extracting snippets to use. However, each chapter is fairly compartmentalized so you don't have to hunt all over the book for things. And if you do, the reference is always there.