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JavaScript for the World Wide Web: Visual QuickStart Guide (4th Edition)

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 3.35

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Perfect JavaScript Book for a Newbie Web Site Designer
Comment: If, like me, you already know a little basic HTML but you're still pretty new to designing web sites, then this book will be perfect for you. I decided to try it because I'd had good experiences with two other books from the Visual QuickStart series published by Peachpit Press. This one also proved to be a winner - easy to understand and fun to use. In just a very short time, I learned enough to make by web pages much more interactive and exciting. The sample scripts are great. I've downloaded and customized half a dozen of them. Just the section on "More Effective Rollovers" would be worth the entire price of the book, but I've also learned a lot about working with frames, controlling the size and position of new windows, creating pull-down menus, validating information obtained by forms, and using DHTML to create special effects.

I only started learning HTML and publishing web pages about two years ago. Before that, my computer skills consisted of nothing more than being able to use a word processing application and a spreadsheet program - that was all - I had no programming experience. As a web page author, I'm entirely self-taught and not a techie, so if I can use this book to good advantage, then almost anyone can! I recently got my first paying job as a web site designer, largely on the strength of some pages which I had "jazzed up" with JavaScripting from this book. I heartily recommend it!

(The other two excellent books from this same series are "HTML for the World Wide Web, 4th Edition" and "Perl and CGI for the World Wide Web, 2nd Edition," both by Elizabeth Castro. I recommend them also!)

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Invaluable reference and great for the beginner.
Comment: I've just started using this one myself, and so far, it's proven to be an invaluable reference. I used to think JavaScript was a difficult and laborious language to learn, especially since the only coding I know is HTML, a little BASIC and some MUSH code (I'm not a programmer, can you tell? *grin*) After paging through the first few chapters of this book, and even jumping around a bit, it's not so much of a mystery anymore, and I now have a correct perception of this popular scripting language, as well as a decent working knowledge. Following the excellent path forged by other titles in the series, this guide is written in a candid, easy to understand manner. Best of all, just like the VQS Guide to HTML4, another of my favorites recommended elsewhere on this site, it's got a companion web site with all of the samples as well as further exercises. Don't waste your time reading thick books full of information you'll never use. Try this one and get to work writing JavaScript immediately. Once you get started and become better versed in the language, you'll want to keep the book nearby as an easy to use reference source.

Customer Rating: 3
Comment: It seems to me that most of these scripts don't work. I'm in IT and also a web site administrator, and I still can't get them to work as they are written. I give the authors a 3 for being motivated enough to write the book, though. It seems that they have good intentions.