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LINUX & UNIX Shell Programming

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 3.77

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: This book has many examples that other books don't have!
Comment: 1. This book contains many errors like other readers have pointed out, but its shell programming examples really help me. Those examples I can't find from other books. 2. This book will not help you too much in unix concepts, and thus you may have to buy another good unix concepts book to solve those problems. 3. overall, as long as you have enough time to play those examples in your unix machine, fix those probems you find, and want to write a 30 pages of codes like those in chapter 21 and 22, this is definitely the one acn help you and bring you to another level! 4. personally, I buy two different books to study a computer skill. One is the text book by college professor who may insure the concepts are correct, the other is the book having enterprise examples. It is hard for one to find a book having both. This book partially fit my second need!

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Simply a great book on Unix Shell Programming
Comment: Reviewer: A reader from Modesto, CA United States
This is a marvellous book on Unix/Linux shell programming. D. Tansley knows unix/linux very well, and is a very good teacher too. (In my opinion if you study this book and "The Korn Shell" by Olczak you'll become very good at Unix and Shell scripting.) He has obviously thought a great deal about the organization of the book; in my opinion he has done it very well. About 1/2 the book is devoted to grep, find. awk, cron, file permissions, quoting, the login environment, etc. His explanations are the best I have read, and all this is enhanced by his organization of the material and his examples. He then gets into shell scripts, things like conditional testing, control flow structures, functions, and then more advanced material. And once again he does a very nice job. The more I read this book and use it in my daily work, the more impressed I am with it. If you are a unix/linux user do yourself a favor and get this book. One reviewer has given this book a scathing review; in my opinion this reviewer is totally off-the-wall. It may be that he has a problem with the english language (he's from Swizterland). Set aside his remarks.

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Best Shell Programming Book I've Found Yet!
Comment: I own no less than ten books on shell programming and this one has helped me more than the rest combined. The author has the talent for condescending to my level to explain concepts that I have had a great deal of trouble understanding. I was able to write a menu driven script to simplify the loading and unloading of a tape library after reading just two chapters from the middle of the book. I even created my first shell function in the process. Yes there are a few typos. I'm not sure why some of the more sophisticated reviewers had a problem with this. I still found the book very useful and was able to catch the intended meaning in spite of the typos. If you are a genius this book may not be for you. If you are trying to learn how to write scripts quickly I highly recommend it. I would have traded all my other scripting books for this one had I known how useful it is.