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Drag `n' Drop CGI: Enhance Your Web Site Without Programming

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 2.93

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: User Friendly Intro to "Using" CGI on your Web Site
Comment: "Drag 'N' Drop CGI" by Bob Weil and Chris Baron is probably the best and most practical intro book to CGI I have read. After providing a brief uncomplicated understanding of the purpose of cgi, the authors literally hold your hand as you install your first CGI script using ftp and Telnet. The authors provide you with a questionnaire you can give to your ISP requesting all the info you need to install a script. I know in the theoretical world this info should be on the site or provided by the Tech when you sign on, but I went through a lot of difficulty trying to install my first script. Newbies who do not know any better may think they are doing something wrong. (I did not realize my ISP did not provide the "complete" info needed as I struggled to install a script) With the book in my hand, it was reassuring to test my skills and cautiously tinker with a few of the scripts provided on CD. Bottom line: While I had "perused" at least five other CGI/Perl books and browsed half a dozen CGI sites, I understood and accomplished more -- faster with the aide of this book. Highly Recommend

Customer Rating: 1
Summary: A Real Mess
Comment: This was the third book I bought to help me get started with CGI stuff. It was not very helpful, when I started learning. I was using it in an online class. Since that early learning experience, I forced myself to figure out cgi instalation. I now have many scripts on my site. Recently I wanted a hidden counter, and I remembered there was one in this book. I went back to the book and tried to install it. And what a mess. There is no coordination between the CD and the book. The book has no set outline, for configuration. And there are errors that will make you think your an idiot. Do your self a favor and just start downloading scripts from the web and learning the difference between a path on your server and a path with a URL in the browser. Maybe another book will help, but stay away from this one, oh and I'll but this one up for auction, here at amazon, and good luck!

Customer Rating: 1
Summary: a waste of paper
Comment: I already reviewed this book and spent time on my review. You only have the author and publisher's reviews and maybe one from their mothers! Why do you not include negative reviews?? You lose a great deal of credibility by only including the author's bubbling over his work. These boys wrote this worthless drivel in a rushed afternoon and it shows! Have the guts to print less that gushing reviews!!