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JavaScript and HTML 4.0 User's Resource

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 2.12

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Java vs C++
Comment: I am basically a C++ programmer and have used other books by these authors. I got the JavaScript book because I needed to learn something about WEB languages.

The cover of the book claims a step by step approach to JavaScript and HTML. That is exactly what I found. For someone who knew nothing about the language, the authors had me writing programs with text, images, lists, image maps, forms, stylesheets and more in a very short time.

They also included a chapter on CGI.

I liked their chaptes on Events and Arrays. You know this stuff is very similar to C++ object oriented code.

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: More than I needed
Comment: I bought this Javascript and HTML book about a year ago. I have used it many times to help me understand HTML problems I have had with code I am writing.

I think the book is pretty good. The Javascript section has some neat example code. This also helped me.

I'm just a beginner at this stuff.

Customer Rating: 1
Summary: This book should be renamed...
Comment: Here's a copy of the email I wrote to Prentice Hall: Dear Sirs, I have
purchased this book (Javascript & HTML 4.0 User's Reference)
because I am a web developer and I wish to learn Javascript. I have to
say that I am disappointed with the book for the following

***The book is entirely too heavy on HTML 4.0. The preface
states that the book is designed for people who are actively writing
web pages and want to incorporate a programming language into their
web pages. However, the presentation of the first 8 chapters leads me
to believe that the book was really written for a beginning html
developer. The title of the book is Javascript and HTML 4.0, but the
entire 1st half of the book is dedicated to HTML and the new HTML 4.0
features (many of which didn't work when I tried them). I think this
effort would have been better served had the javascript section been a
majority and the html section included as an appendix. ***There are
TONS of errors! Half of the time I spent reading chapter 8, I was
thinking there were two different types of cascading style sheets
called CCS and CSS. And the errors aren't just in chapter 8, they're
all through the book. In chapter 3, page 78, figure 3.6 shows the
output of the example coded previously (Example of FONT FACES), but
the code is incomplete and only shows the title tag! Spelling errors,
coding errors, and ommissions everywhere! Doesn't anyone there have a
SPELLCHECKER! Or a "find/replace"? I am halfway through the
book and it's barely even mentioned Javascript. I am very disappointed
and I wish there was a way I could get my money back! This book is a
waste of time. This book should be renamed: HTML 4.0 (and a little