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More Jumping Javascript (Java Series (Sun Microsystems Pr))

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Average Customer Rating: 1

Customer Rating: 1
Comment: This book fails to deliver as a reference and teaching aid. I found the examples to be lacking in details and ad hoc. The book does not cover DHTML throughly, and most of the information can be found on websites. It tries to do too much. The only redeeming value of the book seems to be the list of online indexes and references that are found in the introduction. For web developers, I would recommend the Core series or the O'Reilly Javascript and Dynamic Html: A definite guide. The information contained is much more complete.

Customer Rating: 1
Summary: Poorly written and not organized well.
Comment: The book is simply written poorly. There does not seem to be enough explanations for the scripts. The examples in the book and on the CD feature the problematic "program snippets" that are of no real value to an actual project. The level of reading in this book suggests that the reader really has a grasp on Javascript. In addition, this book deals with Netscape-comaptible Javascript. There are better books for the money.

Customer Rating: 1
Summary: No GOOD!
Comment: Well I have read this book and I hardly even learned something, because it didn't explain very well. Example: It talked a little about a script, then it showed the html for it...not enough explanation...I didn't learn even one thing...I strongly encourage you not to buy this book.