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Jumping JavaScript (Sunsoft Press Java Series)

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 2.67

Customer Rating: 1
Summary: If your are the beginner, this is not your choice !!!!!!!
Comment: This is my textbook. but i don't like it very much. i am the beginner of the JavaScript, this book even doesn't help me at all. there are a lot of things had not talked about it before it pop up, it just suddenly appear before your eyes. I always get lost because of that.

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Perfect
Comment: It is very user-friendly to read.
Extremely correct.
The SunSoft Press / Java Series !
The pace is middle/low.
Simply surprising good !!!

Customer Rating: 2
Summary: Good god
Comment: Definitely not for ANYONE. This book is the definition of redundancy. Repetitive examples, pages of unncessary code and TOO MANY SCREENSHOTS! Not only that, but even though it says "examples for UNIX, Win95 and Macintosh" the screenshots are 99% Macintosh. What gives?

The information in this book is slightly useful *if you know what you are looking for*. Even so, it is hard to find anything in this hefty tome that can't be found in a scripting tutorial. I expected more from the company that co-developed this language with Netscape.