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Html 3.2 Cd With Javascript for Windows 95

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 4

Customer Rating: 4
Summary: HTML complete, but lacking on the Javascript side
Comment: I basically ordered this because it offered both HTML and Javascript. I wanted a refresher on HTML and a stepping stone to get up to HTML 4.0 from regular old HTML. I also wanted this book to teach me all about Javascript and the functions. Well, it was very basic on Javascript. This book had the basics about Javascript but only limited functions and useless examples. Maybe one good example. If you need a book for HTML this is a good book, but if you want to really get into Javascript this isn't the book for you. It has enough Javascript for the very basic of web page designers. Maybe someone who has barely heard of Javascript. But this book is probably enough for people just beginning to make web pages. It will definitely get you wanting to know more about Javascript.

Customer Rating: 4
Summary: Easy to read, easy to understand.
Comment: As a programmer myself I found this book to be unlike most tech books in that it keeps the interest level up, not at all the usual dry, dull, verbage.
Examples are consistant through-out the text with few exceptions. (Focusing mainly on the mythical Kelly Kayaker and her publisher's web pages) The CD with this book includes some great utilities, some shareware, some demo.
Overall a good textbook.